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Can Arctic “Ice Management” Fight Climate Change

The decline of sea ice and global warming has been much discussed by using millions of ventilated pumps to create ice during the Arctic winter and by flowing into the

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PFMS cleaning solution, one of the world’s most difficult pollutants

Scientists have only begun to understand the importance that a group of industrial chemicals called “PFAS” have penetrated far into our planet. PFOS – substances that contain polypropylene and polyfluoroalkyl

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The OSIRIS-RX mission explains the phenomena of mysterious pino particles

Shortly after the NASA OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft arrived in the asteroid Bennu, an unexpected discovery by the scientific expedition team revealed that the asteroid could be active, or could be continuously

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SpaceX launches a beer barley, looking after a robot and “powerful rat

SpaceX launched a three-ton shipment Thursday at the International Space Station, which includes a “powerful rat” for muscle studies, a robot sensitive to the emotion of the innovators, and a

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With China rapidly adopting clean energy, traditional timber burners continue to be used

Old habits are hard to break. A McGill survey to replace traditional timber burning wood and charcoal oven with clean fuel in China suggests that if people do not understand

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