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The Best Mega Man 11

Let me start off by saying that Mega Man is a series that I do not grow up with. I spent more than a few hours with Mega Man X on SNS before befriending him before returning to the Streets of Rage on Mega Drive.

But it was completely impossible to ignore the blue bomb for years, even when the chain was in downtime.

The next main genre had fans waiting until 21 to enter the series, which was Mega Man 9, and 5 followed in 25 before heading back to the fridge.

After eight years, we finally got the Mega Man. And what are we thinking – should the sequel still have some legs in the future? And most of all, how does the series deal with newbies?


The ideal way to describe the photos in Mega Man is to compare them with the Sunday morning graphics. When I was a kid, I used to go around watching TV.

It’s a bevy of miles, and aesthetics like Astro Boy’s aesthetics are the perfect contrast to the old school’s curriculum style gameplay.

I mean, what other game can you think of that could have escaped on a balloon themed stage, with wicked hands?

Speaking of issues, each stage appears completely unique and is ultimately spectacularly ready for a team leader fight.

They also burst into details, look foolish like pyramids in the background of Blockman on stage, I miss them for the first time, and it makes me really smile when I notice them.

There are also some great details on how to remove an explosion or enemy design.

The President is specially designed in an unforgettable and visually memorable way.

Of course, you will have your own choices, but you will be under pressure so that you do not remember how a block person or a bounce man looks.

This type of visual identity is unique in the game and shows that a lot of design was thought out, but again I could be wrong as this is the first Mega Man game.

At least the levels and enemies give shape that is not the same as repeatedly reconfiguring the same enemies, something that not all AAA games are capable of reaching properly.

The soundtrack was a huge hit and personally grabbed me. It has a few good tracks and the theme is openly interesting in the main menu, but most of the music felt a bit “ble” in the theater.

My unrealistic expectations with the soundtrack, especially after hearing from everyone and their mothers about how mega games always have a deadly OST.

Well, they’re not wrong – there’s an 8-bit Mega Man 2 game that continues to this day! However overall I felt nothing about the music, it was mostly “there”.

On the other hand the sound design is great. From the obvious cartoonish explosion to the unexpectedly comical amazing sound to the mega-man slide – everything clicks.

He plays really well for the aesthetics throughout the cartoon, and some jokes about boss fights will dispel you.

Speaking of sanctions, the voice that is usually treated is very bad but it confuses it as a dubbed anime and doesn’t think

The game gives you the option to switch to original Japanese voices with subtitles, if you prefer.


The Mega Man series has gained fame on a challenging skill-based platform, and 11 is no exception. I really wonder how many times my ass was supplied to me with “normal” difficulty.

What a challenge I had forgotten, and the old school curriculum! There are four difficulty modes to choose from: novice, casual, normal and supercomputer. Believe me, “normal” has to be very difficult if you’re not a Mega Man veteran, at least for me anyway.

Not as frustrating or difficult as Super Hot Boy or Cuphead has said. The challenge here is more balanced. The game tests your reaction times while minimizing difficulty during a phase.

For example, at the Block Man stage, the first small coach he encounters can disassociate himself and roll his cylindrical objects full screen.

The challenge for the player is to find safe places where the blocks do not fall.

Once you know the model, the battle is a picnic but is later resubmitted to the level with one major change – the floor below you no longer settles, it fights on a conveyor belt!

It’s also good to be reminded of the gear system, the second time you’re struggling with a smaller coach, it’s best to use the new system to buy yourself some time.

There are also three operating modes in double gear: speed gear reduces runtime, power gear increases your output of damage and activates third mode when your health is very low, allowing you to combine both gear functions into super power fire charge.

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