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This antenna can be mounted in your attic or outdoors

Mohswell is a pointy curved and smart TV antenna that is installed in a home or chimney, either indoors or possibly open or outdoor.

The antenna has receivers and amplifiers for VHF / UHF channels.

One of the first major antennas to feature an antenna amplifier instead of a cell cable edge.

The advantage is that the signal can only be amplified with capture rather than transmitted to the cable – where it can be weakened – and then amplified. This is especially useful on long wires.

Mahu gives the antenna a 75 mile rating but it does not depend on the antenna being chosen.

TechHive has already written about how these distance ratings capture the ideal situation – something that many of us don’t – and we also have a comprehensive guide on picking up antennas. Read it so you don’t get frustrated.


TechHive performs various scanning antennas to find out the number of channels received.

A pattern occurs when flushing and see how the antenna winds through several strong and weak channels in the air in San Francisco and the Sacramento area.

The Mohu Sail did an average of average for an antenna size, as it was successfully signaled for a total of 33 TV stations (each digital broadcast channel carries multiple TV stations) from six radio channels in San Francisco, and when a total of 37 channels were headed to the Sacramento face. Six channels have successfully received signals. .

When facing Sacramento, all received channels had the same signal that was present when facing San Francisco, which makes me wonder how far the antenna is.

Curved design can contribute to this, as the antenna can receive signals from a larger angle than curved and conventional antennas.

If you live in a place where there are several strong signals from different places, this can be an advantage; However, as you are dealing with weak signals, this may cause more noise and interference.

The antenna has components for getting VHF TV stations. Although not as popular as UHF stations, there is a lot of wind throughout the country, so check out our TV Antenna Selection Guide before buying without them.

In our tests, Mohu Sail failed to obtain any with a signal level good enough to see VHF stations.

When it received nine radio channels in front of San Francisco’s 7 Television Stations and the Sacramento 69৯ TV Station, the Mohu Sail Techhive won the Best Award and Vineyard Elite 75৫৫০. Wingard performed better in previous tests.

Car parts

The Moho Cell is a one-piece TV antenna with a soft curved plastic box. It can be attached to the antenna mast with a fixed metal slide.

If there is no mast in your home or apartment, it comes with a small tube and a mount that is suitable for mounting next to your home or chimney.

Installation is good quality, which is important because the size of the antenna needs to be tightened to prevent air twisting.

There is also a flat wire of 30 feet. This should be long enough for many installations, but it may take longer.

To improve the signal, it is better to buy a new full-length coaxial cable than is necessary to use multiple cables with a coupler.

The box also has an electrical injector, which is intended to connect the antenna closer to the TV.

It transmits the coaxial cable power to the antenna’s built-in amplifier. USB power is required to work. Mahu provides a USB wall adapter, or if you can use a powered USB port on your TV.

The conclusion

The Moho Sale is an attractive TV antenna, but it only provides average performance. If you are looking for an area to find and live with a strong TV signal, you will find that it fits your needs.

If you face a more challenging reception situation, you will get the best service from Vineyard Elite 7550 which is more expensive.

Note that any subwoofer that is not particularly detached will suffer from (or as appropriate to suit) the audio pairing with the surface on which it sits.

Although our laboratory is housed in a very durable building with waxed (or new equivalent) concrete floors, there was a very gentle effect that extended the bass to my ears substantially.

I’m not sure how much people would appreciate it in the office next door, but I was brief and no one spat on the wall.

Mileage is different and if you prefer, you can always separate grades with carpets, towels, sponges, nails, or anything else that’s expensive with “insulation” on the title.

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