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Volkswagen Arton Review: A four-door coupe with the addition of spices

Arteon is a new name for the Volkswagen Group, and it is – indirectly – an alternative to the old Passat CC.

Depending on the Artion Passat, if you fancy a more valuable and somewhat better alternative to the BMW 3-Series or Audi A4, depending on the type of vehicle you buy. Or if Ford Mondeo or Vauxhall Insignia are not cool enough for you.

Volkswagen hopes, by giving Arteon’s premium look – the so-called car body style for the four-door fastback coupe – will attract people who want a higher-end feel and style than their regular salon.

The company also hopes that potential buyers will be tempted to consider a BMW 4 Series Coupe or Audi A5 Sportback.

What Artien’s badges lack in presence is compensated for by the attractive appearance, high level equipment, extensive engine and ample space mix.

You will find that after spending a week with the yellow Artian yellow, the positive comments show that Volkswagen can be the winner.

Watch me come back ‘

Arteon is available in only two stylish levels: the elegance-based luxury model or the Sporty R-Line (as seen).

Fashionable 19-inch alloys and in that yellow paint (595), Arteon is sure to get attention. It looks elegant and sporty, with more frosted metal surfing and a change from the Volkswagen tradition to the details, but it works better than a VW Polo, for example in a vehicle of this size.

The front end, however, is overrated, as many horizontal chrome makes it feel a powerful and aggressive experience – but you can’t deny that the integrated design of the grille and the lamp is amazing.

Props to Volkswagen for striking this car too. What you don’t see outside of our Artyon is the dress, which is beyond this yellow.

Passat Plus?

It’s easy to ask why you should buy a car like Arteon over Passat. The next one we already know is pretty good, and the two cars are basically the same anyway. The most obvious is the northern Artian style, but the least obvious advantage of Arteon is the amount of space.

More than 1.5 meters, Arteon is long, but your lower curve can be forgiven, thought it would crowd inside. In fact, the atmosphere looks huge – especially on the back, as six-foot adults have room to stretch without cleaning the floor.

This is also true for our car with the installed panoramic roof (£ 935), which is a notorious feature for stealing heights.

The shoe (at 563 liters with seat lift) is larger than most mid-sized SUVs, and you get a full-size underground spare wheel as a great bonus. The shoe is so deep that it consumes our buggy long cart, which very few cars can handle.

The Artian dashboard is also somewhat different from the regular Passat. However, in the R-Line specification, you’ll get a premium leather look and an Active Directory digital display as standard from the Volkswagen, raising the mood.

Every time you open Artien’s door, it reminds you that you’re in something special about the salon because the window is frameless.

It sounds like setting up a business class compared to Passat’s premium economy, and the extras you pay for the Passat’s Arton program will feel like dates are more than acceptable.

Driving surprise

We’ve driven a lot of cars from the Volkswagen Group, all of which have driving qualities. Volkswagen isn’t the last word on the joke, but they tend to be good at driving: refined, refined, easy, featured strong refinement. Volkswagen engineers test their British roads (terribly broken), and this reflects the quality of the ride.

So we were surprised to find out that Arteon is different. This is the first Volkswagen we’ve driven so long ago – despite being equipped (or possibly due to) by dynamic chassis control (an alternative to the 20 820, which allows for a change in damp rate) – drive well.

In the general and sporting atmosphere, Artian crashes, triggers a regular tarmac fracture, and then crashes cross-welding after exploding in the hole.

In Comfort mode (and the dampers in individual settings after adjusting to their soft position), the Arteon offers acceptable comfort, but the body flushes and falls in such a way that makes some passengers feel sick and like the experience of a driving boat.

The ride does not spoil the experience though. Many of the cars we drive take a very difficult journey for the broken roads of Britain, but they surprise us in this direction, as Volkswagen usually corrects these things in the right sense.

We’re not sure how much the choice of wheels is related – larger alloys tend to add durability – but the suggested wheels are standard on R-Line artones.

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